Amine Laghaout

Amine Laghaout

Data scientist


150 - 300 kr./t





Amine er en freelance Data scientist fra København

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A physicist turned data scientist, I have a passion for optimizing and advancing businesses with the most rigorous, data-driven methodologies. I thrive when I’m involved as early as possible in scoping out business challenges and opportunities at their source, i.e., at the client-facing or managerial levels. I then leverage both my theoretical and hands-on skills in planning and implementing a detailed roadmap to the solution that is relatable to all stakeholders, from executives to software developers. I’m at my best when I’m assigned missions, not piece-meal tasks. When assigned with the most challenging problem and provided with the explicit mandate to solve it, I guarantee the delivery of a robust solution that will minimize the long-term technical debt. With over a decade of hands-on experience, I still maintain a generalist, domain-agnostic mindset that allows me to adapt to any business problem in any industry.
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